Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Topping the Tree

Every year the kids fight about who's turn it is to put the angel on the Christmas tree.  Every. year.  Even if we have picture proof of who did it the previous year, they still kick up a stink.  So, this year all of them got a turn.  Yup.  That angel has been well-placed, I tell you.  Next year it'll be Britta's turn.

Ju Ju

Monday, November 7, 2016

Celebrating Em's Birthday

This year we went to a new indoor climbing gym for Em's birthday!  She invited two friends and it was sooo cool!  The whole experience was fun and the kids loved it.
 There was a free-climb/boulder area in one half of the gym.

There was also a room for the littles that Juliana really liked.

The staff gave the kids a lesson in belaying, before taking them to the big room for some serious climbing!

 It was so cool to watch the children's faces when they reached the top!

My Grandpa Don

 My Grandpa Don passed away the morning of Em's birthday.  His health had been failing for quite awhile, but even though I knew he was no longer in pain and is in a happier place, strangely enough, it still didn't make the loss a whole lot easier for me.  My grandpa had the biggest heart and use his talents and gifts to serve those less fortunate than him.  He loved his family and was personally invested in each of his grandchildren.  Even now, almost a full year later, I miss him.  I can hear his laugh and smell his pipe tobacco.

His funeral was up in Minnesota the first weekend of December.  I felt very strongly that the whole family go up for it, even though it meant quite a bit of extra work to pack EVERYONE and EVERYTHING up.  (Traveling with my children is no easy task.)  But, it ended up being a fantastic trip, and we got to visit with our friends that had moved up there a year before too.
Big smiles as we start out.
Big smiles from me when Britta falls asleep!
Welcome home!
Our good friends, the Snows, opened up their beautiful home to us.  Tessie was there for me shortly after Juliana was born when Cubby started traveling.  She would come over and either read stories to the big kids, tuck Kari into bed while I nursed Juliana, or hold Juliana while I put the big kids into bed.  Truly an angel in disguise!

Still reading to my children :-)
 My Uncle Rob and Aunt Barb were also close to my Grandpa.  We were able to catch up with them and with many others who came to pay their respects.

 Another friend from my childhood, Alexis, came as well.  Her family lived across the street from my grandparents and Erin, Alexis, and I used to play together all the time!  I love it that we still keep in touch--Thank goodness for facebook!

All of the travel and action left Miss Britta pretty tuckered out.  Sweet little girl.  (The quilt she's sleeping with was also made by Tessie.  Yes, she's extremely talented.)

Britta wasn't the only one worn out.

 Saying a formal good-bye to my grandpa wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hockey with the Boys

 My mom took Cubby and Christian to a Lancer's hockey game.  Harvey was supposed to go too, but got sick and so Christian got to invite Sullivan along.  They had a great time and those horns?

Bedhead Award

And the award for best bedhead goes to...


Happy 11th, Emily!

My big girl turned ELEVEN!  Eleven, people.  That was how old I was when my family moved to Nebraska!  So crazy that Emily is now that age.

We had family over for cake and presents and to celebrate all things Emily.  I love putting out pictures and books of my children throughout the years and, since Emily is the oldest, she has the most printed out pictures!

And....let the gift opening commence!

Candles and cake time...

{Sigh}--Where have the years gone?  The first five years seemed to go soooo slowly, but the last six?  Zoom.  I sure do love my sweet big girl.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Turkey Day

We had a great Thanksgiving!  It all started bright and early when Cubby and Christian went off to the annual Turkey Bowl in the freezing rain.  Yup.  Nothing holds these boys back.  And more power to them.  I stayed home with the girls and we were warm and dry.

Here are the highlights from our morning....
The girls all made darling turkey hats!

Britta went a little crazy with her yogurt.

Kari helped me make the rolls!  Yummmm....

We all went over to dinner at my mom's house.

Games and books in the family room...
We had a big nerf war in the basement!
Kari opted to color rather than join in the war
Emily and Lindi are all set for the battle!

Sideways headers!
Story time with Grandpa Harvey

Hugs all around!  (My cousin, Ingrid, was in town visiting from France!  So nice to see her and hear about all of her exciting adventures!)